A day in the life of: Simi

Ever wondered what it's like to be a Headhunter at Quantum Chase? Simi shares a sample day to shed some light...

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Simi Jolaoso, Headhunter, Quantum Chase

I wake up at 7am, and the first thing I do is check my phone to see if there is anything urgent to deal with. Then I do a brief morning workout, take a shower and have breakfast. I’m currently focused on the USA market and due to the time zone, looking at notifications in the morning is not that important.


Around 8.30am I go to work. We can choose days working from home but I prefer to be in the office. During my commute, I check my emails and messages, then steal a few minutes to watch anime. My current favourite one is “Attack on Titan” which is pretty dark, but happily my life is otherwise very positive! 


Arriving at the office, my first move is to prepare a black coffee, and although great smells come from the coffee machine I’m an instant guy! Once at my desk I organise my devices to symmetrical (I know, I know I have a bit of OCD, but I can’t start working until I see everything organised and well presented, that’s part of my morning routine).


I check who is open to work on LinkedIn. I have different projects set on LinkedIn Recruiter - the primary platform we use for seeking, connecting with and managing talent - where I allocate any candidates that I think might be relevant for that project in the future. 


My priority today is reconnecting with candidates that were not ready to be introduced to clients previously. Building and nurturing relationships with a long term view is a key part of our company operations, and works out well for everybody. I also check the calls I will have for the day. I prepare by going through their profiles and selecting points of conversation, ensuring relevant information is to hand. I like to have my focus on candidates and take a specific interest in them. 


Next I  organise my tasks and goals for the week on my calendar. Usually my days are spent searching and headhunting, and broken up with phone calls, daily tasks and urgent matters. Today, a candidate has an external offer that she feels she needs to make a decision on, so I’m keen to discuss her options. My sense is that if this external client is pressuring her they are concerned they might lose her to competitors, like our client. I have all my projects set up on Recruiter and it helps me a lot as it updates me on new candidates and potential matches. 


Our team stops for lunch at 12pm and we head to Tongue in Cheek nearby for a steak. Much to my distress, they closed during covid, and we’re now averaging 2-3 visits a week to make up for lost time…. 


On Mondays we have a sales meeting. There’s some healthy competition with each of us keen to have a strong sales sheet! It’s an opportunity to troubleshoot, but is typically more about updating the group on our candidates’ stages and processes. Jay’s wearing a cap for the first time, so we end with some gentle jabbing at this unique fashion choice. 


At 4pm I have a coffee break from the rooftop which is one of my favourite spots in the office building, with greenery, picnic corners and an epic view of the city; even better when bathed in sunshine during the summer. It gives me a little jump to work in the last hours of my working day. 


I return to check my LinkedIn updated searches or any I am working on. I open tabs for each profile I want to look at and I don’t leave the office until I have closed all tabs. (Have to be careful how many I open so close to home time!) I have an hour, from 6pm to 7pm, to send CVs to clients. 


After an intense working day, I look forward to going home for dinner with my partner, and then relaxing together watching TV.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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